Athletics has been a part of my life since I was four-years-old.  It first started with a recreational gymnastics class, soccer, horseback riding, dance, and swimming.  I have achieved a high level of success in Gymnastics and Track and Field and I recently become involved in rowing.  I am proud of my successes but I am equally proud of the life lessons I have learned by being a competitive athlete.  Adjectives I would use to describe myself as they pertain to athletics are:   determined, competitive, and hardworking.  Adjectives I would use to describe myself outside of athletics are:  honest, organized, and fun.  Each day I am tumbling at gymnastics, lifting weights in the gym, running a 100m race or throwing a shot put I strive to become a better athlete and therefore a better person.  


A winner is just a loser who tried one more time

Lauren Poole

College Recruit

Class of 2017
HOMETOWN: Wilbraham, MA

NCAA ID  1507231483

Track & Field


College Goals:

Biology Major with further degree progression to Doctoral of Physical Therapy

Career Ambition: 

To work with fellow athletes on injury prevention and post injury rehabilitation